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Information about Regattas

It has been brought to my attention that some of you are unsure how selection for Events at Regattas are made.

First of all, their are 2 types of Regattas PHDBC enters each season.

1.The social Regattas – this season-

                                      Shoalhaven Nowra,

                                      Pan Pacific Games,BroadBeach QLD, 

                                      Bei Loon 8 km Challenge.

Anyone can paddle at these Regattas.

  1. The Competitive Regattas-

Race 1, 2, 3 & 4 all at Sydney International Rowing Centre, Penrith,

CNY , State Championships at Penrith & Australian Championships  to be held at Albury Wodonga, Victoria  later this April.

At the Competitive Regattas PHDBC enters

1.Senior A Mixed Division.

(All paddlers 40-50 years old) plus paddlers 50″plus to make up the team)

  1. Senior B Mixed Division

(All paddlers need to be 50 plus, except the sweep & drummer.

Each team can register a maximum of 24 paddlers plus a drummer& sweep. Maximum of 26 people.

Ideally there is 20 paddlers & 4 reserves. 

The reserves can not paddle at all & be there in case someone is injured, unwell or late for their race OR be substituted in heats & or finals.

When setting up a boat, the coach looks at 

  • Strength to weight ratio
  • Paddle fitness, which you get by spending time paddling
  • The number of training sessions the paddler attends
  • Their technique & ability to fit in with paddlers around them
  • Their weight & the balance of the boat, both left to right & front to back.
  • Their attitude.
  1. Senior A Opens- this season with Newcastle & Pearl Dragons.

When combining with other clubs we put our PHDB men in the boat , then had our strongest women make up the numbers.

  1. Senior A Women’s-  this season we combined with Nowra.

When combining with another club, we want to put our best in the boat.They can register 13 paddlers including a drummer & sweep & so can we. Maximum 26.

 If more than 13 women attend a Regatta, then the best 13 are chosen using the above criteria, to be in the Women’s Team.

Also when combining with another club, paddlers weights need to be matched for boat balance. You could be left out of the boat in a heat or final because you are heavier or lighter than a paddler that their coach has added & the boat balance is effected.

Dragon boat racing needs the strongest, fittest paddlers to move e boat faster than the other teams. If paddlers over 50 are stronger & fitter than paddlers under 50, then they will take their seats.

It’s a team sport. There are always times when you are chosen or not chosen. If your unhappy about being left out, turn up to more training sessions, start working out in a gym to improve your fitness, loose weight and  or build strength, stretch more to improve  flexibility.

Find out what training other paddlers are doing. Some are training 6 sessions  a week, 4 on the water 2 in the gym,others are doing 12 sessions a week. Once a week won’t cut it if you want to make the team.

There are always ways to improve and fight for your seat in the boat.

Talk to our coaches on how you can improve. 

We have 3- Maurs, Ken & myself.


Clubs from all states compete to see who is National Champion, so of course we want our strongest, fittest paddlers with correct technique in the boat to make us the most powerful we can be!

Our drummer and Sweep are going as drummer & sweep & not expecting to paddle.

We have 10 paddlers in a 10’s boat, 5 male & 5 female, all over 50

as we are entering the Senior B 200m 500m & 2km races.

PHDBC doesn’t have enough paddlers to enter the Senior A or Senior C Divisions.

The Australian Championships are run a little differently to NSW Regattas. Instead of 2 heats and a final, there is a first race and depending on how you go, you could go straight to the Semi Final or into a repecharge where you race again and could then race again before making it to the semi final. 

Ideally you put your best team in every race.

At present we have14 paddlers going away so I would like to have our biggest & strongest in the 200m, our strongest & fittest in the 500m & our strongest & lighter paddlers in the 2km event.

(Which means you may be in only one, two or three events)

Paddlers selected will be what works the best, which team is most powerful & gets the best boat run. This can only be determined if paddlers turn up to Saturday training sessions.

How many races you get on the day will depend on how well your team does.

Obviously the fewer the better so you will be energetic in the final.

Any questions, please see me at training.

From Lorrae

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  • Where we meet

    The Port Hacking Dragon Boat members meet 20 minutes before each session at the Yowie Bay Port Hacking Dragon Boat Hall 100m up from the boat ramp.